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There’s a lot of green chemistry behind the scenes of the textiles industry in a bid to find alternative feedstock and processes to viscose.

Challenges associated with Man-made cellulosic fibres

Deforestation & its environmental and social impacts

Sourcing the raw material for the production of MMCF is taxing on the environment: over 150 million trees are logged for man-made cellulose production every…

The fashion industry’s search for sustainable fashion solutions is propelling Sweden at the front of the startup scene, and here’s what you should know.

The skeleton in the closet is made of plastic.

Why the fashion industry is largely responsible for microplastic pollution. Microplastics are not just fragments from large plastics, in fact, they’re more likely to come from your wardrobe than your last Pepsi bottle.

Globally, we have become increasingly aware that plastic is all around us — even when we don’t see it. From the table salt you used today to the Arctic’s remote sea ice, microplastics have infiltrated practically every part of the world. But unlike the common understanding that they’re all from the single-use bottles and ghost nets (abandoned fishing nets discarded out at sea), they are coming directly from our homes and wardrobes.

Some New Year Resolutions are predestined to fail before they’re even begun…

That’s why we’ve compiled our top 5 resolutions for a sustainable year that you’re guaranteed to feel proud of from day 1.

5. It’s the final straw

How to Bring-Your-Own [anything]

What is byo and BYOB?

Long before the plastic bag tax and #instagrammable #nostraw movement, the great people of Britain had decided that in order to drink more and spend less they would allow customers to « bring your own bottle / beer/ booze/ beverage» at restaurants. Used interchangeably with #BYO though the latter is more commonly used on invitations to ask guests to bring one’s own anything, the BYO or BYOB (Bring-your-own-bowl) you now see on vendor displays is to encourage customers to bring their own containers, such as lunchbox, straws, or coffee cup.

One of your favourite coffee stops is a leader in encouraging sustainable practices & has been rewarding customers who bring their own mugs and tumblers for years.

#BYO and get 50 cents off any drink! So we thought we’d let you in on a few recipes from the #Starbucks secret menu. By the way, make sure to become a Starbucks Rewards member if you aren’t already to claim your free sip or bite once you read the needed points. …

The eco friendly garment is a green unicorn

The eco-material myth

This is especially important when we accept that the notion of an eco-material, as collectively understood (a material whose main quality is to have a positive impact on the environment), does not exist. Why? From the moment it is extracted as a raw material and transformed to be exploited, it necessarily has an impact on the planet’s resources. While a positive impact is therefore difficult to speak of as such, beyond depleting the raw material itself, the depletion of natural resources within the production (water, crude oil, energy reserves) will always impact on the environment. …

H&M Lafayette prior opening | BOF


Passionate about a circular textiles economy and circular models, material innovation and design for good. Startup co-founder and sustainability trainer.

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